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ep11: Leaning into Vulnerability

w/ Flick Palmateer

For so long, the narrative of the female surfer has been told by big brands, flaunting booty shots and the tiniest of bikinis…


You and I both know, that women’s surf culture is so much more than that.


Together, we can tell the authentic story of the female surfer.


Episode 11:

Leaning into Vulnerability with Flick Palmateer

Meet professional big wave surfer and artist Flick Palmateer as she shares how surfing nude in her film Skin Deep has changed her self dialogue in the most empowering way. 


Confess anything! Say what you want to say, however you want to say it!… its anonymous.


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Hey Lady! I'm your host, Laura Day.


It's a challenge being a female surf in a male dominated landscape. 

It's our goal to hold a space where we can listen to each other free of judgment and create a more compassionate community of water women.


Your confessions are safe here. 


Since 2016 it's been our mission to responsibly create garments that highlight the uniqueness and beauty of every woman. 

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